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5 Best Tricks To Learn English

5 Best Tricks To Learn English
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Tricks to Learn English

English, the 2nd most spoken language, is the language of science, of technology, aviation, diplomacy, and travelling. Having knowledge of English expands   your chances of getting job in a multinational company within your country or it can help you to find work abroad. It’s also the language of international communication, the social, print and electronic media and the internet, we are going to provide you with few tips that can help you to master English language. Working on these 5 simple tricks to learn english will make you able enough to understand as well as speak English like natives. Here we go!


First Trick to learn English


1-Enrich Your Vocabulary

We all agree on the point that vocabulary is building block of every language. During learning English non-natives face difficulty in finding out a word for some situation where that person want to use the word. In order to get rid of this problem one need to collect vocabulary as much as one can. But how? Here is the answer.

  • Read English (newspaper, books etc.)
  • Listen English (Podcasts, Audiobooks)
  • Write new words you find
  • Do research on a word
  • Use dictionary(Merriam Webster)

One of Tricks to learn english is to

2-Think In English And Never Translate

Always try to think in English. For sure our mind is a strong tool and should be used as much as possible. Let’s take an example, after a routine day when you are free and relaxed, try to think about your day i.e. what did I do today? How was meeting? Why she was looking at me…is there something? And many other things will appear when you will start thinking. Doing this you can easily enhance your daily life as well as workplace or business conversation.

We always do a mistake of translation from native language to English. This action leads us to lose of confidence and fluency. We get stuck while speaking just because we try to translate. Thinking in English would help us to get rid of this translation habit. When we would have collection of words which we stored in our minds during thinking we would speak more fluently and confidently.

3– Be Confident

Confidence is really important not only in English but in every field wherever we need to speak, to present ourselves. But how we can gain confidence? Let’s go through few tips.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice
  • Give Smile
  • Keep Things Simple
  • Breathe



4-Listen English And Imitate

Listening English and imitation is another amazing way to get a grip on English. Let me give you an example, do you remember how you learnt your native language? Did you start speaking your language fluently, Nah. What we do, we just listen other speaking our mother father and other family members and then we try to imitate them. Just like this if you are not an English native take you as a baby trying to speak. Listen English music, audiobooks and podcasts, watch movies and imitate them. After doing this you will feel improvement in yourself.


5-Speak To Yourself

Firstly, the best time to speak English to yourself is when you’re solo or when there’s no-one in close nearness. In this way you’ll be sure that no-one overhears you and you’ll avoid embarrassing situations and consequently gain confidence. I’m sure that anyone has at least 20; 30 minutes a day when you’re completely alone and that time can be spent in learning and enhancing your English, loosing fear, getting fluency and improving your speaking powers.

Secondly, you wouldn’t   have to talk out loud as you’d normally do when communicating with people. Just a slight whisper would sufficient to practice and make your vocal cards ready to say those words which you normally can’t say and also to gain that level of confidence which is essential to speak English.


I hope these 5 simple tricks to learn english will be helpful in your journey.Share with others

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