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A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples
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A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

Learn 100+ Noun Phrases in English with examples. This lesson will help you to learn about nouns and their Phrases with examples in English. This lesson contains 100+ noun phrases with meanings in English to Urdu also with examples.

List of Noun Phrases With Examples:

A dog in the manger: A churlish person, who does not use a thing himself and does not let others use it.

Example: Salma is a real dog in the manger. She cannot drive, but she will not lend her car to anyone.

A drawn game: A game in which neither party wins.

Example: The two teams played a drawn game.

A bed of roses: comfortable

Example: Life is not a bed of roses for a ruler in Pakistan.

A bed of thorns: a difficult thing

Example: Life is a bed of thorns for a policeman.

A beast of burden: an animal used for carrying heavy loads

Example: The donkey is a beast of burden.

A big gun/shot: a big and important person

Example: He is a big gun in the world of business.

He has become a big gun/shot after becoming an M.N.A.

A bird of passage: a migratory bird

Example: Do not trust him; he is a bird of passage.

A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

A cat’s paw: a person used as a tool by another paw

Example: He is a cat’s paw in the hands of his wife.

A chip of the old block: A child possessing the qualities of his father or mother

Example: He is a lover of money like his father. He will prove a chip off the old block.

Achilles’ heel: The weak point in man’s circumstances or character.

Example: His Achilles’ heel was his pride.

A close-fisted man: a miser, unwilling to spend money

Example: He does not give anything in charity. He is a close-fisted man.

Nobody likes him because he is a close-fisted man.

A cock and bull story: An incredible story

Example: He narrated a cock and bull story.

His marriage with a film actress is a cock and bull story.

A dark horse: An unexpected winner

Example: He proved a dark horse and came finally in the annual examination.

A dead letter: Something no longer in force

Example: This law on divorce has already become a dead letter.


A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

A queer fish: A strange or crazy person

Example: It is a colloquialism for a strange person.

Example: Your new boss is a queer fish. He does strange things in the meeting.

A rainy day: Time of difficult

Example: We must lay by something or against a rainy day.

A red-letter day: An auspicious or fortunate day

Example: 14th August 1947 is a red-letter day in the history of Pakistan.

A red rag to the bull: The cause of provocation

Example: My name to my enemy is a red rag to the bull.

A ruling passion: Dominating passion

Example: Greed has become a ruling passion with most of us nowadays.

A rolling stone: An unstable person

Example: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A random shot: A carelessly made answer or shot

Example: It was a random shot and we should not take it seriously.

A raw deal: Unfair treatment

Example: Women got a raw deal when it comes to paying.

A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

By the backstairs: Private influence of an unworthy nature

Example: I got the job in the education department by the backstairs.

Bad blood: ill feeling

Example: There has always been bad blood between the two brothers.

Better half: Wife

Example: You should be sincere and kind to your better half.

Brevity is the soul of wit: اختصار سے گفتگو ذہانت کا جوہر ہوتی ہے

Example: You must not beat about the bush; you must know that brevity is the soul of wit.

Birds of a feather: ہم نوالہ، ہم پیالہ، ایک جیسا مزاج

Example: Birds of a feather flock together.

Blue blood: Royal blood

Example: She is a blue-blooded duchess.

Example: There runs blue blood in her veins.

Burning question: An urgent and important matter

Example: The burning question is when Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan.

Below one’s dignity: Contrary to one’s honor

Example: It is below my dignity to do injustice to a poor worker.

A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

Capital punishment: Death sentence

Example: The child-lifters should be awarded capital punishment.

Chicken hearted: Cowardly (بزدل)

Example:  Only the chicken-hearted persons can flatter their officers.

Child’s play: Work demanding no efforts

Example:  It is not child’s play to pass the CSS examination.

Cold comfort: No consolation at all, no satisfaction

Example: The promise to help her may appear cold comfort to her.

Creature comforts: What makes the body comfortable

Example: Most of us do not have creature comforts in Pakistan.

Crocodile tears: False tears (مگرمچھ کے آنسو، جھوٹے آنسو)

It was a false belief that the crocodile wept to allure its victims.

Example: The stepmother shed crocodile tears on her son’s death.

Example: She shed crocodile tears at our misery.

A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

D-Days: Fixed day to start some movement

Example: 5th Feb is a D-Day for the freedom fighters of Kashmir.

Dog’s life: Miserable life

Example: The poor lead a dog’s life in Pakistan.

Double face: Insincere, Hypocrite

Example: Most of the politicians in Pakistan are double-faced.

Every inch: Completely

Example: He is every inch a gentleman.

Fair play: Fairness and justice in the control of an activity

Example: Islam directs us to have fair play even with the enemy.

Foul play: A criminal act esp. involving murder

Example: The police suspect foul play in the death of a public leader.

Fair sex: Women

Example: We should be polite and kind to the fair sex.

For good: Forever

Example: He gave up smoking for good.

French leave: Leave without permission

Example: Many students take French leave from the class to see a film.

A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

Gift of the gab: Fluency of speech

Example: The president possessed the gift of the gab and impressed the audience.

Good for nothing: Useless

Example: My servant is good for nothing fellow.

Hand in glove with: In intimate terms

Example: Ali and Arshad are great friends. They are hand in glove with each other.

In black and white: In writing

Example: Give me your statement in black and white.

In the doldrums: To be in low spirits

Example: He was in the doldrums at his failure to marry the girl of his liking.

In one’s elements: To be in agreeable circumstances

Example: Our players of cricket were in their element before the start of the match.

In a fix: Colloquial for to be in difficulty

Example: We are in a fix and do not know what to do in this hour of misery.

In full swing: Going ahead or continuing, vigorously

Example: The work was in full swing.

A To Z Noun Phrases Explained In English With Examples

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