Masculine and Feminine Animals Name List In English

Masculine and Feminine Animal Names List in English.

Masculine/Male and Feminine/Female Name of Animals List in English.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about Animals Name with Masculine and Feminine In English.

What is Masculine?

The definition of Masculine is something male or relating to or suitable for a boy or man.

What is Feminine?

Feminine is defined as the Female Gender. An example of the Feminine is the female sex.

The examples of Both Masculine and Feminine You can easily understand with the help of this lesson. Like we have some relations like Aunt and Uncle, in these words aunt is feminine because of female gender and uncle is masculine due to Male gender.


Masculine and Feminine Animal Names List

Animal Male / Masculine Female / Feminine
Ant Drone Queen
Antelope Buck Doe
Bear Boar Sow
Camel Bull Cow
Cat Tom Queen
Chicken Cock / Rooster Hen
Coyote  Dog Bitch
Crab Cock / Jimmy Hen / Jenny
Crocodile Bull Cow
Deer Stag / Buck Doe
Donkey jack  
Duck Drake Duck / Hen
Elephant Bull Cow
Dog Dog Bitch
Falcon Tierce Falcon
Fox Dog Vixen
Giraffe Bull cow
Goat Billy / Buck Nanny / Doe
Hamster Buck Doe
Hawk Tierce Hen
Horse Stallion Mare / Dam
Kangaroo Jack Flyer / Doe
Leopard Leopard Leopardess
Lion Lion Lioness
Lobster Cock Hen
Mallard Greenhead Hen
Mouse Buck Doe
Opossum Jack Jill
Peafowl Peacock Peahen
Pig Boar Sow / Gilt
Rabbit Buck / Jack Doe / Jill
Rat Buck / Bull Doe / cow
Salmon Cock Hen
Seahorse Sea stallion Seamier
Sheep Ram Ewe / Dam
Swan Cob Pen
Termite Bull Cow
Tiger Tiger Tigress
Turkey Gobbler / Tom Hen
Walrus Bull Cow
Whale Bull Cow
Wolf Dog Bitch
Wolverine Wolverine Angeline
Zebra Stallion mare

Masculine and Feminine Animal Names List in English. Masculine and Feminine Animal Names List in English. Masculine and Feminine Animal Names List in English


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