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Learn Python The Hard Way PDF Download Free- By Zed Shaw

Learn Python The Hardway
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Learn Python The Hardway PDF

“Learn Python The Hard Way” is a simple and easy book to help students getting started with python programming.Though the title of the book mentions hard way but its not actually hard way.You will learn from very basic level and move toward advance.This edition.This book helps you growing slowing and gradually.Though it starts with basic as all programming books should do but,by the end of this book you will learn advance programming techniques.This book works very well with beginners who know nothing and trying to get started with python.As this is third edition of the book so it is most likely an error free version.

Few Tips To Learn

Below are few tips to get best output from this book.

  • Read And Write Carefully
  • Give Proper Attention To Details
  • Always Spot Difference Between Things
  • Write The Code Yourself(Do Not Copy Paste)
  • Practice And Persistence
  • Don’t Be Over Smart

What Will You Learn

  • How To Setup?
  • Writing The First Good Program
  • What Are Comments And Pound Characters
  • About Numbers And Match
  • What Are Variable And Name
  • Some More Variables And Printing
  • About String And Text
  • Some More Printing
  • About Parameters,unpacking,variables
  • Prompting,Passing and Reading Files
  • Writing Files
  • About Names,Variables,Codes and Functions
  • About Functions and Function Can Return Somrthing
  • What Have You Known So Far?
  • Starting Boolean Practice
  • If,Else If
  • About Loops And Lists
  • How To access elements Of The List
  • Different Branches Of Functions
  • Debugging And Designing
  • Lovely Dictionaries’
  • Modules Classes And Objects
  • How To Speak Object Oriented
  • And Much More Interesting

How To Download This e-book?

Starting with a good news for all of you that this book is free.You must have seen many e-commerce websites selling this book.But you can download it free.All you need to do is,click here or the PDF Button below and book is in your device.Have a good python learning journey. 

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