MS Excel Word PowerPoint MCQs For Tests PDF

MS Excel Word PowerPoint MCQs
MS Excel Word PowerPoint MCQs

MS Excel Word PowerPoint MCQs PDF

MS Excel Word PowerPoint MCQs are important in tests point of view.It usually have 10% or above weight-age in tests like NTS PPSC FPSC and other competitive test.So this collection of mcqs will help you to get almost full marks in this specific section of the test.These MCQs are collected from past papers.If you are going to attempt any competitive test in future must prepare these mcqs . Download PDF Here

Note: This blog contains few sample MCQs.You can download PDF for complete collection.

From which menu one can insert Header and Footer?
A. Insert Menu
B. View Menu
C. Format menu
D. Tools Menu
Correct Answer: A
To get the ‘Symbol’ dialog box, click on the _ menu and choose ‘Symbol’. A. Insert B. Format C. Tools D. Table Correct Answer: A 3. _ option from clipboard is used to move data from one place to another in a document.
A. Copy & Paste
B. Cut & Paste
C. Bold
D. Justify
Correct Answer: B
_ is one of the options in Font Group.
D. Change Styles
Correct Answer: A
Name the button in the picture?
Font Color
Fill Color
Page Color
Highlighter tool
Correct Answer: D

MS Excel Word PowerPoint MCQs PDF

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