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Example Sentences of Present Continuous Tense in English

Example Sentences of Present Continuous Tense in English
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Learn 70+ example sentences of the Present Continuous tense in English. This lesson contains 70+ English example sentences in the use of simple present tense structure. The structure of the Present Continuous tense is:

Positive: S + am/is/are + V-ing +…….

  • He is playing.

Negative: S + am/is/are (not) + V-ing +…….

  • He is not playing.

Interrogative: Am/Is/Are + S + V-ing +…….

  • Is he playing?

Learn how and when we need to use Present Continuous Tense:


Example Sentences of Present Continuous Tense in English

Example Sentences of Present Continuous Tense:

  •  I am not going to the cinema after work.
  • Are you coming to my birthday party?
  • Is the sewing machine working now?
  • The child is just learning to speak.
  • Tom is still learning how to swim.
  •  Sophia isn’t going to the party tonight.
  • The wind is blowing from the southeast.
  • The horse is running around the field.
  • Nora is talking on the phone at the moment.
  • The boys are playing football after school.
  •  The old man is carrying a box on his shoulder.
  • The children are bathing themselves in water.
  • She is going to Rome at the beginning of May.
  • The lion is sleeping under the shade of a tree.
  • He is watching cartoons on the Disney Channel.
  • I am writing articles on different topics.
  • He is reading various kinds of books.
  • They are playing football now.
  • She is drinking coffee.
  • He is going to the library.
  • We are coming for shopping in this market.
  • We are watching a movie in this Cineplex.
  • You are shopping in that market.
  • I am listening to melodious songs.
  • He is traveling around the world.
  • They are playing cricket on that field.
  • The poet is writing romantic poems.
  • The lyricist is writing realistic songs.
  • Are you listening to realistic songs?
  • I am not quarreling with you.
  • Are you coming to our home?
  • I am helping him to do the task.
  • My mom is cooking beef with cabbage.
  • Are you watching cricket on television?
  • A deer is eating grass on the field.
  • I’m going to have another cup of tea.
  • The children are playing in the street.
  • Which train is going toward Patna?
  • She is buying milk for her cat.
  • He is standing behind the tree.
  • She is learning to speak English.
  • It is snowing here in London.
  • My sister is singing a Classical song.
  • I’m going to my friend’s wedding tomorrow.
  • She is wearing a suit made from pure silk.
  • Where are you going on your honeymoon?
  • My brother is coming to stay for a week.
  • None of them are going to school.
  • Tom is sitting beside me on the sofa.
  • He is buying me a car for my birthday.
  • Tom is visiting New York next month.
  • What are you studying at university?
  • John is learning to ride a motorcycle.
  • We are studying for a degree in politics.
  • He is studying how children learn to speak.
  • I am just going to cut the grass.
  • Emma is learning to ride a horse.
  • He is sitting all alone on the terrace.
  • The mechanic is repairing my motorcycle.
  • The plane is flying over the clouds.
  • Rohan is doing two jobs these days.
  • My parents are coming at seven o’clock.
  • Listen, somebody is beating at the door.
  • She is learning a new language these days.
  • We are listening to a show on the radio.
  • Children are playing with their toys.
  • The little bird is eating a grain of rice.
  • She is writing a letter to her parents.
  • She’s studying hard to become a doctor.

Example Sentences of Present Continuous Tense in English


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