Active & Passive Voice With 100+ Examples In English

Active & Passive Voice With 100+ Examples In English
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Active & Passive Voice With 100+ Examples In English

Learn active & passive voice with 100+ examples in English. This lesson contains 100 examples of active to passive voice. Examples are explained in different kinds of Tenses in English.

Active To Passive Voice With Tenses:

Tense Active Voice Passive Voice
Present Simple She delivers the letters. The letters are delivered.
Past Simple She delivered the letters. The letters were delivered.
Future Simple She will deliver the letters. The letters will be delivered.
She is delivering the letters. The letters are being delivered.
Past Continuous She was delivering the letters. The letters were being delivered.
Going to She is going to deliver the letters. The letters are going to be delivered.
Present Perfect She has delivered the letters. The letters have been delivered.
Past Perfect She had delivered the letters. The letters had been delivered.
Infinitive She has to deliver the letters. The letters have to be delivered.

Active & Passive Voice With 100+ Examples In English

Active & Passive Voice With Examples:

Active Voice Passive Voice
They gave a term paper to all the students and asked for them to be delivered in the best way. All students were given a term paper and asked to deliver them in the best way.
We frequently encounter such situations in our school and take some precautions to ensure discipline. These kinds of situations are frequently encountered in our school and some measures are taken to ensure discipline.
I understand the difficulty of your situation, but people should share with others what they feel in such situations. I understand the difficulty of the situation, but what is felt in such situations should be shared with others.
After preparing the meals, we wanted to drink a delicious coffee, but they said that we should go to the market because we could not find coffee at home. After the meals were prepared, we were asked to drink a delicious coffee, but since there was no coffee at home, we were told that we should go to the market.
Monkeys really like banana, and by using this fact, scientists have organized many experimental environments. Bananas are really loved by monkeys, and many experimental environments have been organized by scientists using this fact.
Our work was really successful, but we could not prevent a small error at the end of the work. It was very sad for everyone to experience this situation. The work done was really successful, but a small error could not be prevented at the end of the work. Everyone was very upset by this situation.

Active Voice Passive Voice
If you think there is any problem with this issue, you can contact me. If you can use communication tools such as e-mail, telephone, or fax for this, I can provide you with faster feedback. If it is thought that there is a problem with this issue, I can be contacted. For this, if some communication tools are used such as e-mail, telephone, or fax, a faster return can be provided by me.
After counting the money, he turned to me and said that he did not want to talk more about this issue. After the money was counted, I was contacted and was told not to talk more about this subject.
After finishing his homework, he quickly checked and managed to upload his homework to the system. That’s why his friends expect the teacher to give him a really high grade. After the assignment was finished by him, it was quickly checked and uploaded to the system. Therefore, it is thought by his friends that a high grade will be given to him by the teacher.
If you want to use the TV smoothly after repairing it, you should periodically maintain it and contact the technical support team if you have a problem. In order for the television to be used without any problems after it is repaired, it should be periodically maintained and the technical support team should be contacted in case of a problem.
Did they tell you that we were talking to him? Have you been told that we are talking to him?

Active & Passive Voice With 100+ Examples In English

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