Variations of I’m In/At/On: Usage and Examples In English

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Variations of I’m In/At/On: Usage and Examples In English

Learn variations of I’m with the use of In, At, and On in English. I’m can be used with preposition in, at, and on. When you enter a physical location like a building or a room, you would use the word ‘in’ with I’m. The preposition ‘in’ specifies within the area, bounds, or limit. You should use ‘in’ to denote ‘inside’.

Variations of I’m In/At/On:


  • ” I’m in a car. “
  • ” I’m in New York. “
  • ” I’m in London. “
  • ” I’m in the bathroom. “
  • ” I’m in the garden. “
  • ” I’m in a house. “
  • ” I’m in a college. “
  • ” I’m in a mall. “

You can use ‘at’ to tell someone where are you currently. The word ‘at’ specifies the ‘near the area occupied by’. For example:

  • ” I’m at the airport. “
  • ” I’m at the mall. “
  • ” I’m at the office. “
  • ” I’m at the shop. “
  • ” I’m at home. “
  • ” I’m at the airport. “

You can use ‘in’ for general location and ‘at’ for the specific location. For example:

  • ” I’m in Delhi, at the conference. “
  • ” I’m in the building, at the reception. “
  • ” I’m in London, at the Buckingham Palace. “

Use ‘in’ for inside and ‘at’ for near. For example:

  • ” I’m in the lift = I’m inside the lift. “
  • ” I’m at the lift = I’m near the lift. “

The preposition ‘on’ specifies the non-physical location for example time being utilized by something else. It denotes that the person is working on something.

  • ” I’m on the job. “
  • ” I’m on the phone call. “
  • ” I’m on the laptop. “
  • ” I’m on the laptop. “
  • ” I’m on a task (project). “
  • ” I’m on the bike. “

Variations of I'm In/At/On: Usage and Examples In English

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