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Commonly Used Idioms Book PDF Download

Commonly Used Idioms PDF

Commonly Used Idioms Book

Commonly Used Idioms Book PDF Here

Note: This blog contains few sample idioms, download PDF for complete collection.

  • To add insult to injury; To intensify a person
  • To be born with a silver Spoon in one’s mouth; To be born in a rich family Spoon in one’s mouth;
  • A bolt from the blue; an expected calamity
  • To blow one’s own trumpet; To boast
  • A bone of contention; Cause of quarrel
  • To burn one’s fingers; To suffer
  • To beat black & blue; To beat barbarously
  • To cast an aspersion; To bring discredit
  • To cry over spilt milk ; To feel sorry for what has already happened
  • To cut a sorry figure ; To make a poor in linking
  • To die in harness ; To die while performing one’s duty
  • To end in smoke ; To fail
  • To go to the dogs ; To be decayed
  • To hang in the balance ; To remain without decision
  • To hit the nail on the head; To do right thing at right time
  • To hold water ; To sound logical
  • To live no stone unturned ; To try one’s level best
  • To live from hand to mouth ; To live with great toil
  • To make up one’s mind ; To make a decision
  • To see eye to eye with ; To Agree
  • To play ducks and drakes ; Waste
  • To put the cart before the horse ; To do a thing in a wrong way
  • To have too many irons in the fire ; To have too many things in the hand
  • To read between the lines ; Try to understand the hidden meaning
  • To turn over a new leaf ; To change for the better
Commonly Used Idioms PDF
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