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Daily English Vocabulary for Accident with Urdu Meanings

Daily English Vocabulary for Accident with Urdu Meanings
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Accident Vocabulary with urdu Meaning for daily use this lesson helps learn english words which will help you talk about accident and different injuries. Many English learners wish to discuss various types of accidents and injuries but they are unable to talk about them because they do not have much vocabulary to use to speak good english. This  lesson will help english learners learn many interesting english words related to accident which they can describe using these useful words.


Vocabulary for Accident 

1.      Speeding


Meaning:  تیز رفتاری

Example: A speeding car collided with the truck.


2.      Hit


Meaning: ٹکرانا

Example: She was hit hard by a car.


3.      Mishap

مِس ہیپ

Meaning: اچانک حادثہ

Example: 10 people got badly injured in a road mishap.


4.      Skid


Meaning: راستے سے مڑ جانا

Example: Her car skidded and hit the truck.


5.      Collide


Meaning: ایک دوسرے سے ٹکرانا

Example: The two vans collided at the crossroads


6.      Run into

رن انٹو

Meaning: کی طرف آنا

Example: A truck ran into me at the lights this morning.


7.      Crash


Meaning: زور سے ٹکرانا

Example: She crashed the car into a tree.


8.      Run over
رن اووَر

Meaning: کچل دینا

Example: Ali was run over by a car outside his house.


9.      Sustain


Meaning: زخمی ہونا، متاثر ہونا

Example: He sustained injuries to his arms.


10.  Get injured

گٹ انجرڈ

Meaning: زخمی ہونا

Example: The old lady got injured in a minor accident.


11.  Break down

بریک ڈااوون

Meanings: خراب ہونا،رک جانا

Example: The car has a nasty habit of breaking down.


12.  Overtake

اوور ٹیک

Meanings: آگے بڑھنا ، نکلنا

Example: We managed to overtake the last train.


13.  Occur


Meaning: واقع ہونا

Example: The accident occurred at the mall road.


14.  Stuck


Meaning: پھنس جانا

Example: Five people got stuck inside the bus.


15.  Bandage


Meaning: پٹی
Example: Sania had a bandage around her knee.


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