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Rapidex English Speaking Course In Urdu Free PDF

Rapidex English Speaking Course In Urdu Free PDF
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Rapidex English Speaking
Course In Urdu

About Book

Rapidex English speaking course is a wide project with English speaking books in 17 different languages.This edition  is specially designed and translated for Urdu speakers who want to speak English.This book contains all topics, starts from basics and then moves towards advance.This book is considered as best book for English learning.So,without wasting time lets understand its outline.

Table of Contents

(Rapidex English Speaking Course In Urdu)

Most part of this book is divided in expeditions.You can take expeditions as journeys.So each expedition is basically a journey of learning something new.

Expedition  1 

In expedition 1 you will learn

  • Sentences Of Greetings
  • Good Manners In English
  • Some Polite Phrases
  • Exclamations
  • Phrases
  • Sentences Of Order
  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Some Important Helping Verbs
  • Sentences Of Order And Requests
  • Drill

Expedition   2 

In Expedition 2 you will learn

  • Roman Alphabets
  • Vowels And Consonants
  • English Pronunciation
  • Silent Letters In Words
  • What,who,how
  • Which When Where Why
  • Miscellaneous
  • Negative Sentences
  • Exercise

Expedition  3

In Expedition 3 you will learn

  • Articles
  • Palatial
  • Co relatives And Temporal
  • Prepositions
  • Active And Passive Voice
  • Countable Uncountable Nouns
  • Emphasis

Expedition  4 

In expedition 4 you will learn

  • Invitations
  • Meeting and Parting
  • Congratulations
  • Meals
  • Time
  • Permission
  • Refusal
  • Believing
  • Consolations
  • Affections
  • And Much More

Expedition  5   

In expedition 5 you will learn

  • At Home
  • Out Of Home
  • To Servant
  • On Meeting
  • Study
  • Health
  • Weather
  • Animals
  • Games
  • Person
  • Age
  • And Much More

Expedition 6 

In expedition 6 you will learn

  • Dos
  • Don’ts
  • Etiquettes
  • Signals
  • Recreation
  • Law
  • Things
  • Office
  • And Much More

After Expeditions you will find appendix which contains exceptional learning material.After Appendix you will find most important part of English “Vocabulary”.Vocabulary is classified which is also known as Topic vocabulary.

Also you will find an amazing collection of daily life English conversations.I am pretty sure if you read this book with full interest and heed you will learn almost all topics of English.

How To Download?

Rapidex English Speaking Course In Urdu can be downloaded for free.You can download this useful book by clicking the button below.Happy Learning…


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