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PPSC General Knowledge

This blog will help you to prepare PPSC general knowledge mcqs for your upcoming tests in 2020.General knowledge is an integral part of any test conducted by PPSC.

We are posting few sample MCQs here.1000+ MCQs book is available in PDF in the end of blog.

PPSC General Knowledge SET-1

Most polluted lake in the world is ————?
A. Lake Titicaca
B. Lake Karachay (Answer)
C. Onondaga Lake
D. Lake Ontario
2. CAA stands for ———?
A. Civil Action Authority
B. Civil Aviation Authority (Answer)
C. Command Aviation Army
D. Command Action Agency
3. The BISP had been launched by the PPP government in ———-?
A. 2008
B. 2009 (Answer)
C. 2010
D. 2011 

4. BISP stands for ———-?
A. Benazir Income Service Programme
B. Bhutto Income Service Programme
C. Benazir Income Support Programme (Answer)
D. Bhutto Income Support Programme
5. Model Town incident happened in Lahore on ———–?
A. June 17, 2014 (Answer)
B. June 18, 2014
C. June 19, 2014
D. June 20, 2014

6. Yachting (sailing) became a Olympic event in——?
A. 1902
B. 1900
C. 1906
D. 1904 (Answer)
7. The office of the UN General Assembly is in————?
A. Vienna
B. New York (Answer)
C. Paris
D. Zurich
8. Shah Wali Ullah was born in the reign of———–?
A. Aurengzeb (Answer)
B. Akbar
C. Shah Jahan
D. None of these
9. The United States of America lies in ——— Continent?
A. North America (Answer)
B. South America
C. Europe
D. Central-Europe
10. Most Populated Country of South-America is———–?
A. Brazil (Answer)
B. Colombia
C. Argentia
D. Venezuela
11. Most Populated Country in Africa is———-?
Page 6
A. Nigeria (Answer)
B. Ethopia
C. Egypt
D. Congo
12. Which country is going to host 2019 Cricket World Cup?
A. South Africa
B. India
C. England (Answer)
D. West Indies
13. PTA stands for ———-?
A. Pakistan Television Authority
B. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (Answer)
C. Pakistan Technology Association
D. Pakistan Tribal Areas
14. FED stands for ———-?
A. Foreign Economic Detail
B. Federal Excise Duty (Answer)
C. Foreign Exchange Deduction
D. Federal Economic Department
15. PSU stands for ———-?
A. Primary Sampling Unit
B. Play Station Unit
C. Power Supply Unit (Answer)
D. Plymouth State University
16. The world’s largest animal is———–?
A. blue whale (Answer)

B. gray whale
C. sperm whale
D. North Pacific right whale
17. Who is known as the Poet of Nature?
A. William Black
B. William Shakespeare
C. William Wordsworth (Answer)
D. William Butler Yeats
18. NAP stands for ———?
A. National Army Policy
B. National Army Plan
C. National Action Plan (Answer)
D. National Activity Policy
19. Belgium is located in Europe?
A. West (Answer)
B. East
C. North
D. South
20. What is the length of Ranikot fort?
A. 32 kilometer,20 (mi)
B. 33 kilometer,21 (mi)
C. 31 kilometer,19 (mi) (Answer)
D. 30 kilometer,18 (mi)
21. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by:————-?
A. Brian Acton
B. Jan Koum

C. Mark Zuckerberg
D. Both A & B (Answer)
22. Who is the current Director of CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)?
A. Meroe Park
B. Mike Pompeo
C. Gina Haspel (Answer)
D. None of the above
23. Which is the intelligence agency of UK?
A. Security Service (MI 5)
B. Secret Intelligence Service SIS (MI 6)
C. Both A & B (Answer)
D. None of the above.
24. CIA stands for ————?
A. Central Intelligence America
B. Central Intelligence Agency (Answer)
C. Central American Intelligence Agency
D. None of the Above.
25. CIA is the intelligence agency of which Country ?
A. USA (Answer)
C. Pakistan
D. None of the above
26. Pakistan came into being 27 Ramadan———-A.H?
A. 1361 A.H
B. 1362 A.H
C. 1365 A.H

D. 1366 A.H (Answer)
27. Which is called the ‘Land of golden fiber?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Bangladesh (Answer)
C. Iran
D. Pakistan
28. Which city is called the ‘Little Pakistan’?
A. Cairo
B. Bradford (Answer)
C. Chicago
D. Dhaka
29. SRO stands for ———-?
A. Security Reform Union
B. Statutory Regulation Organization
C. Statutory Regulatory Order (Answer)
D. Senior Regional Officer
30. PBS stands for ———-?
A. Pakistan Bureau of Science
B. Pakistan Board of Statistics
C. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (Answer)
D. Pakistan Board of Science
31. BDU stands for ————?
A. Bomb Discharge Unit
B. Bomb Disconnect Unit
C. Bomb Deactivate Unit
D. Bomb Disposal Unit (Answer)

32. MOU stands for ————-?
A. Medical officer Union
B. Memorandum Of Understanding (Answer)
C. Military Official Unit
D. Media Official Unit
33. PBA stands for ————-?
A. Pakistan Broadband Association’s
B. Pakistan Broadcasters Association’s (Answer)
C. Private Business Accounts
D. Public Business Accounts
34. ATC stands for ————–?
A. AntiTerrorism Court (Answer)
B. AntiTerrorism Agency
C. AntiTerrorism Association
D. Advanced Technology Associates
35. Zimbabwe has the highest number of —— official languages.
A. 12
B. 14
C. 16 (Answer)
D. 18
36. ECL stands for ————-?
A. Entry Control List
B. Exit Control List (Answer)
C. Extended Control List
D. Error Correction List

37. National Day is observed in which Islamic country on first January?
A. Sudan (Answer)
B. Libya
C. Nigeria
D. Maldives
38. RAW stands for ——-?
A. Reduction of American Warrior
B. Real Action Work
C. Repertoire of Administrative Workload
D. Research and Analysis Wing (Answer)
39. The driest desert in the world is————?
A. Sahara Desert
B. Cholistan Desert
C. Arabian Desert
D. Atacama Desert (Answer)
40. The largest waterfalls system in the world is———–?
A. Angel Falls (Answer)
B. Victoria Falls
C. Niagara Falls
D. Iguazu Falls
41. he Atacama Desert is located in———-?
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. South America (Answer)
D. Australia
42. The Great Wall of China is about ———– KM long.

A. 18,196
B. 19,196
C. 20,196
D. 21,196 (Answer)
43. State Bird of Pakistan is———-?
A. Pregarine falcon/shaheen (Answer)
B. Markhor
C. Chakor
D. None of above
44. National insignia of Pakistan is———–?
A. Deodar
B. Indus dolphin
C. Crescent and star (Answer)
D. None of above
45. National monument of Pakistan is located in ————?
A. Rawalpindi
B. Faisalabad
C. Islamabad (Answer)
D. Lahore
46. National Predator of Pakistan is———–?
A. Lion
B. Snow bear
C. Snow Leopard (Answer)
D. All of these
47. National Vegetable of Pakistan is———-?
A. Carrot

B. Tomato
C. Lady Finger (Answer)
D. All of these
48. National Reptile of Pakistan is———-?
A. Rho fish
B. Indus dolphin
C. Mugger Crocodile (Answer)
D. All of these
49. FIR stands for ————?
A. Final Information Report
B. First Information Report (Answer)
C. Field Information Report
D. Fact Interrogation Report
50. Which Islamic country national language is English?
A. Somalia
B. Brunei
C. Nigeria (Answer)
D. Libya

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