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English To French Beginners Book PDF

English To French Beginners's Book

English To French Beginners’s Book

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Definite article. Plural of nouns

Definite article (continued). Translation of it when a subject .

Negation. Formation of questions. Present indicative of etre

Agreement, feminine and plural of adjectives. Formation of questions (continued)

Comparatives and superlatives. Possessive and demonstrative


Of or from the. Irregular plurals 35

Reading Lesson. Sorite

Indefinite article. Some or any. Present indicative of avoir . .

Cardinal and ordinal numbers

Reading Lesson. Divisions du temps ……

Present indicative of the first conjugation

To or at the. Imperfect indicative of the first conjugation .

Reading Lesson. Impossible ii’estpasfranfais…..

Present indicative of the second conjugation . . . . –

Imperfect indicative of the second conjugation. Formation of adverbs

Reading Lesson. Du pareil au mime

Present and imperfect indicative of the third conjugation . .

Some or any (continued). Verbs ending in -ger and -cer …

Reading Lesson. Un Calembour . . . . . • ‘

Some or any (continued). Irregular feminine of adjectives. Present

and imperfect indicative of recevoir

Place of adjectives. Agreement of adjectives qualifying two or more

nouns . 8°

Reading Lesson. Trois excellents Medecins

Peculiarities of some verbs of the first conjugation

Future and conditional of regular verbs. Impersonal verb .

Demonstrative pronouns 108

Interrogative adjectives; interrogative and relative pronouns. Compound tenses

Possessive pronouns. Agreement of past participles

Reading Lesson. Une Meprise

Demonstrative and relative pronouns (continued). Compound tenses

(continued) ^^i

Indefinite adjectives and pronouns ^

Preterit. Place of personal pronouns I

Place of personal pronouns (continued). Formation of tenses. Cueillir

Reading Lesson. Unejoyeuse Harangue Mi



Imperative. Place of personal pronouns (continued). Envoyer

Passive voice. Couvrir^faire, pleuvoir . . . . , .

Disjunctive pronouns. Hair^ partir,falloi

Time of the day. Aller, mettre  Voir

Reading Lesson. La petite ATendiantt Prendre

Active voice instead of passive. Plaire .

Simple tenses of the reflexive voice. Sortir

Compound tenses of the reflexive voice. Venir, sentir, s’asseoir .

Reading Lesson. Enignies .

Plural of compound nouns. Resoudre^ dire, valoir .

Prepositions before the infinitive. Craindre

Imperative of the reflexive voice. Tenir, boire, pouvoir .

Ouvrir, lire

Reading Lesson. La petite Hirondelle

Atteindre, introditire . . . . . . .

Dormir, eteindre, poun>oir

Reading Lesson. Une Suppression spirituelle. Repartie

Reciprocal verbs .

Reading Lesson. Acrosticke .

Place of adverbs. Senir, vetir .216

Reading Lesson. La Tombe et la Rose . . . . .

Rules of the subjunctive mood. £crire, votiloir .. .

Use of fie. Mourir, rire, vivre 228

Reading Lesson. Un Courtisan pris au pies^e

Instruire, paraitre, (aire, decouvrir, conveuir . . . .

Imperfect of the subjunctive. Sequence of tenses. Acquerir, croire,

savoir, cofinaitre . . . . . . . . . •

Reading Lesson. Bons Mots de Diof;ene. L”*Animal le plus nuisible.

Reponse de Socrate


Le Colimafon, by Arnault ….

La Feuille dessechee, by Arnault .

Le Petit Pierre, by Boucher de Perthes

Beau Soir, by Paul Bourget

Etoiles Filantes, by Fran9ois Coppee .

Consells a un Enfant, by Victor Hugo

Partant pour la Syrie, by La Reine Hortense

Trois Fils d’Or, by Leconte de Lisle .

Chanson de Barberine, by Alfred de Musset

Full conjugation of avoir and etre

Table of endings of regular verbs

Alphabetical table of irregular verbs

Vocabulary, i. French-English

English To French Beginners’s Book PDF

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