200+ Words Difference Between British VS American Language


This Lesson is about the British VS American English Words List. In this Lesson, You’ll Learn the difference between British and American Words. How to pronounce or Say British and American Words. There are some examples of British and American Words.

List NO: 1 British VS American Words

British VS American English Words List

List NO: 2 British VS American Words

There is an Example like we say bonnet or hat but we really don’t know that both words belong to which language. For understanding this type of confusion we need to know What is British language and what is American language.

List NO: 2 British VS Amercan Words

List NO: 3 British VS American Words

In this list, we can talk about football and soccer. These are two words 1…Football 

and 2nd is Soccer we must need to know that we’re speaking which language or using which language. This lesson will help you to understand these Two Languages Words.

List NO: 3 British VS Amercan Words




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