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30 Days English Course In Urdu Free PDF

English Course In Urdu
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30 Days English Course In Urdu

About Book

This book “30 Days English Course In Urdu” is specially designed for the people who speak Urdu but they wanna learn English as second language.Well,in this era importance of English can’t be denied.You must have noticed that English keeps a specific part in our educational system.Starting from first day of school till the end of our life we keep in touch with English.To cut the long story short,willingly or unwillingly we all have to learn and face it.

For this purpose this book is specially designed to teach you English from very basic level.Though this book contains some very basic topics in start but interesting thing is that it will cover almost all topics required to get started with English speaking.

Table Of Contents

Day 1 (Introduction)

Hello everyone how are you doing? I hope you will be fine there. You
know today we conduct this class for introduction point of view. For the
sack of English Language Learning We would discuss following topics,
which I am going to define.
1. Scope of English
2. How to Listen, Speak, Write, Read?
3. How to get vocabulary power?
4. Tricks for Confidence to convinced someone

Day 2 (Sentence)

You will learn about making of sentences.And also some important example sentences

Day 3 to 16 (Tenses)

You will learn 12 tenses with lots of explanations and examples.

Day 17 to 25 (Parts Of Speech)

You will learn about the following in detailed way with lots of easy explanations and practical examples.

  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection
  • Preposition

Day 26 to 27(Basic Usage)

During the day 26 and 27 you will learn some basic usage sentences which is a part of our conversations.

Day 28 to 29 (Vocabulary)

During these days you will get words to enhance your vocabulary.Bookmark in this PDF book will lead you to vocabulary collection.

Day 30

Day 30,which is the last day of this course will help you to test your knowledge.You will get the link in book.

How to Download?

You can simply download this by clicking on the button below.

 English Course In Urdu

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